Who Are The Wandering Wise Men?

wandering wise men

Have you ever heard of the Wandering Wise Men?  I hadn’t until two years ago when I joined InstaGram at Christmas time and found the most delightful IG Christmas account.  This account (@thewanderingwisemen) shares an advent story from December 1 through Epiphany that is totally engaging, hilarious, and creative, and our family loves it!  Although the IG account creates a new story every year, we needed something more dependable and simple for our family, so I’ve created a downloadable guide for this wonderful advent story.

Who Are the Wandering Wise Men?

The Wandering Wise Men are the three Magi, or the three Kings, who come from far away countries to worship the newborn baby Jesus.  History suggests the three kings were Balthazar King of Arabia, Melchior King of Persia, and Gaspar King of India.  They are thought to be sages who studied the skies for interpretation and prophecy.

What Do They Do?

The Wandering Wise Men wander! LOL!  The advent guide narrates the story of Balthasar, Melchior, Gaspar, and their trusty camel Hezekiah as they leave their own countries and journey to Israel to find the Christ Child.  There are some crazy adventures and conversation along the way, as well as a scriptural basis for the fictional story I created.

How Do You Tell The Story?

To tell your own Wandering Wise Men story, you’ll need to download the Wandering Wise Men Advent Guide.  The Instagram account and our family uses the Playmobil Three Kings figurine set because they are movable and have some fun accessories that come with the set, but you can use any Wise Men you’d like really.  You’ll need a star, a camel, and some creativity for your scenario set up.

Why Do You Need the Guide?

I loved the Wandering Wise Men story shared on Instagram, but I’m not creative enough nor do I have the time or energy to make up a new advent story every year.  We also have lots of other holiday traditions we love to do during the holiday season so it gets crazy busy during this time of year.  I wanted to share the story and expectation of advent with my kids, but I needed something simple I could do every year that was true to the biblical narrative but also allowed for some creativity and surprise.  This advent guide does exactly that.

advent guide wandering wise men

What’s in the Guide?

The guide has several parts.  The first section of the guide gives an introduction to the history of the three kings and whom they are thought to have been.  The second section gives instructions for telling the advent story and how to use the guide.  The third section of the guide is the story narrative along with supporting biblical scripture and suggestions for scenario creation.  The fourth section includes notecards with the story narrative and scripture that can be printed and cut out to display in the scenarios you create.

Celebrate Advent with The Wandering Wise Men

We hope you’ll join our family as we celebrate The Wandering Wise Men this year.  Simply download the Wandering Wise Men Advent Guide, order your Playmobil Three Kings figurines, and get ready to have a wonderful advent season full of humor and hope as we look forward to the birth of the Christ Child.

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P.S. Have you heard of the Wandering Wise Men before?  Are you joining our advent celebration this year?  Are you excited to see where the Wise Men travel?  I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.

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