The Unpopular Secret to Eliminating Chaos in the Home

eliminate chaos in the home

We’ve got 10 minutes before we have to leave for school.  One kid can’t find a shoe.  Another kid refuses to put on a coat even though it’s 40 degrees outside.  Another child can’t find the notebook I’m supposed to sign that’s due back to class today.  My husband is ticked because he got dressed for work before the youngest finished his waffles and now he’s got syrup on his work shirt.  Everyone’s mad.  Everyone’s yelling.  It’s complete chaos filling the entire household.

Sound familiar? 

I’m sure you have these days too.  You might have them every day like we did for a very, very long time.  I dreaded the mornings.  They were rough. Everyone was yelling at everyone else.  No one could find anything.  We were perpetually late to school and work.  It was awful.  And my days were awful because I couldn’t recover from the chaos and anger of the mornings, and neither could the kids. 

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Discipline: the Unpopular Secret to Eliminating Chaos in the Home

So I decided I was done.  No more.  Things have GOT to change!  I prayed about it, asking God what I could do to “fix” the mornings.  He said “Discipline.”  I said, “Ugh!”

I bet you thought the secret was going to be a new routine, right?  That’s usually the answer.  But I’ve tried new routines.  They’ve lasted for 3 days and then we go back to whatever the heck it was we were doing before.  No, the answer isn’t a routine.  The answer is having the DISCIPLINE to start a new routine and then stick with it so that your family can actually change.

Why Discipline?

Discipline is hard.  I have very little discipline in my life.  I like change.  I like new adventures.  I like learning new things and doing new things.  Discipline is boring.  It’s rigid.  It’s not fun.  But it’s HEALTHY.  It brings life to your days and life to your family.  Discipline is like a boundary: Boundaries are rules that allow you freedom when you stay within them.  Discipline is the same way.  When you discipline yourself to stick to the routine, there’s freedom in the routine that shows up in other areas of your life. 

For example, our new routine is for me to clean the kitchen and make the kids’ lunches at night.  That allows me to wake up slowly in the mornings, gives me time to drink my coffee and have some quiet time reading my bible, and I have time to fix the kids’ breakfast and get ready for work without having to rush.  It’s quite lovely … when I actually DO it!  Last night I didn’t.  I was reading a new book, looked up and it was 10:00, so I went to bed without doing anything.  This morning I accidentally slept in an extra half hour, had to clean the kitchen before I could make breakfast, burned breakfast, and was 30 minutes late to work.  Because I wasn’t DISCIPLINED last night!  Needless to say, after having experienced the freedom that my discipline brings, I won’t skip my nightly chores again! 

So where do you need to be disciplined?  Is it in a family routine?  Is it in your finances?  Is it investing in your relationship with your husband or kids?  Is it in your emotional responses or maybe in your free time?  We all have places where we can grow and discipline might bring you some freedom you didn’t even know was waiting for you!     

If you’d like some help finding your discipline, this workbook guide can help you! Simply fill out the form and download your guide, then work through the activities to find out where you could use some discipline. I hope it helps!

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