My 5 Favorite Seed Suppliers

I love gardening seeds! It’s so much fun to get a new seed supply catalog in the mail, and open it up to see all the new seeds available for the year. There are a ton of seed suppliers, and not all of them are the same. Here is a list of my favorite seed suppliers who offer non-GMO, organic and heirloom seeds that will be winners in your garden!


Photo from Burpee website

Burpee seeds were the very first gardening seeds I ever purchased! When I started gardening, I asked a friend for a recommendation on where to buy seeds, and this is the company he recommended because 1) you can find them in stores, and 2) their website is super easy to order from. The name was odd and it stuck with me, so these were the seeds I ordered first.

Over the years, I’ve learned that the Burpee name actually comes from the founder’s last name – W. Atlee Burpee. He started the seed company in 1881 so they’ve been around for 120 years now. Their’s was the first seed catalog to offer yellow corn in fact! Their seeds are reliable, include heirloom varieties, and include options for annuals, perennials, fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Baker Creek Seeds

Baker Creek Seeds is an amazing resource for heirloom and non-GMO seeds, not to mention that their Whole Catalog is one of the most beautiful coffee table books out there! With over 500 pages full of photos and descriptions of seeds from around the world, this book will leave you with a VERY long list of food and flowers to grow.

I like Baker Creek because of their commitment to saving seeds – they search for lesser known varieties that may be in danger of dying out, and they work hard to revitalize those varieties and keep seeds an open commodity. Their extensive list of flowers and vegetables come from all over the world, including some really interesting options from China, Japan, and South America in addition to varieties native to North America. You’ll find some cool food you’ve never heard of in their catalog.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Photo from Johnny’s Selected Seeds website

Johnny’s is one of my favorite resources for tools and innovative seed options. I found out about them when I read my very first gardening book Four Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman. That book totally changed my life and helped me fall in love with gardening (you totally need it!!), and Eliot Coleman has partnered with Johnny’s Selected Seeds to create innovative and ergonimic gardening tools for them. The long-handled cultivator has me drooling! Johnny’s selection of seeds is pretty impressive, and you’ll find an option for just about every kind of vegetable you’d like to grow on their site.

Harris Seeds

Photo from Harris Seeds website

Harris Seeds is a great resource for filling in the gaps. They’re a smaller seed company that hasn’t been around as long as some of the others, but they’ve got some really unique seed offerings you can’t find in other places. They’re the only place I could find ornamental kales at a decent price with a good variety to choose from, and they always stick a free bonus seed packet into your order which is a fun surprise!

Floret Flower Farm Seeds

Photo from Floret Flowers website

Floret Flower Farm is located in the Skagit Valley of Washington State, and while they don’t offer seeds for growing food, they offer the most gorgeous, amazing varieties of flower seeds you’ve ever seen! Erin Benzakein’s goal is to grow flowers everywhere while developing new varieties for florist’s and backyard gardeners all over the world. She’s been growing flowers for 20 years now, has written three gardening books (Cut Flower Garden is AMAZING and made me fall in love with flowers!!!), and she’s launching a gorgeous show on the new Magnolia Network in 2021.

You should know that ordering seeds from her website is a mad free-for-all: her seeds are coveted by gardeners all over North America and they go FAST when she opens up the seed shop! Be prepared to submit your order ASAP or you’ll miss out, but oh man, her flowers are TOTALLY worth the fight!!

What do you think about these seed suppliers? Have you ordered from them before? Are there others you prefer over these? I’m always up for expanding my gardening knowledge, so let me know your favorite suppliers in the comments below. I’d love to check them out!!

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