My 5 Favorite Online Novelty Fabric Retailers

best online fabric retailers

Who knew kids would be wearing fabric masks to school in 2020?!?  We live in such a bizarre world, but it’s where we are these days.  If our kids want to go back to school, they have to wear a mask, so I’m making some! 

The Pattern!

Back in March when the pandemic started we bought all the kids and ourselves a mask, but since they’ll need several for school, I’m making them all some more so they have options and we can get them washed before they have to wear them a second time.  I really like the ones that sit close over the nose so it’s easier to see and keep the masks in the right place, so I’m using this free mask pattern from Craft Passion.  It’s got multiple sizes and several different style options so really there’s a great fitting mask option for anyone with this one pattern!

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The Fabrics!

The fun, though, comes in picking out fabric!  There are such amazing fabrics out there, and here are my 5 favorite online fabric retailers for novelty fabrics (novelty fabrics are printed fabrics with fun stuff printed on them i.e. popsicles, happy faces, animals, rainbows, etc.). 

Hawthorne Supply Co

Hawthorne Supply Co used to be a tiny home-based business named Hawthorne Threads that stocked hard-to-find fabrics, but over the years, they’ve expanded a TON and now have a HUGE warehouse of inventory.  Their quilting cottons are perfect for masks, but if you love sewing check out their knits and patterns too.  They’ve got such fun and creative stuff in their inventory!

favorite fabric retailers is literally the mecca of fabrics, and they even have a dedicated Mask Shop with ready-to-wear masks, mask fabrics, kits and tutorials on mask-making.  Their novelty fabrics are adorable, and with all the accessories you need for mask-making all together in one place, it’s a great place to shop for mask fabric.

the mask shop fabrics

Harts Designer Fabrics 

Harts Fabrics also has mask kits available where you pick your fabric for the kit, which makes it easy to get everything you need in one place.  Harts also carries Dear Stella fabrics – my most favorite! – along with other popular fabric designers.  They’re very whimsy in their feel so if you like different, you’ll love their fabrics!

japanese mask fabrics

Mood Fabrics 

Ah, Mood, the quintessential fabric carrier for NYC!  I love Mood, and as their name implies, they’ve got fabrics for every mood you’ll ever have!  They’re a bit pricier since they’re based out of NYC, but their fabrics are totally worth every penny.

mood fabrics


Bunbury is a quilting and embroidery fabrics store with such English charm!  They’re based out of the USA, but the name + the website design makes me think of adorable English cottages with chintz fabric lining the windows and on all the bedspreads.  You’re sure to find an adorable chintz or novelty print at this online store!

bunbury mask fabrics

So there you are! Five fantastic options for finding amazing, fun novelty fabrics for mask-making. Are there any other places you love to shop for fabric online? I’d love to know where you shop so leave me a comment below!

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