My 2021 Word of the Year

Do you pick a word of the year?  Instead of choosing a New Year’s Resolution, I pick one word every year to focus on.  This is usually a word I feel that God has laid on my heart to bring growth and maturity in my life, and it’s usually an area in my life that needs to be developed or nurtured so that I become a better person.  By mid-December each year I usually know what my word of the year will be and I spend the end of December thinking about and praying about and meditating on that word in order to focus on how to integrate my word of the year into my next year’s habits.

My 2021 Word of the Year is … Healing.

2020 was a hard year.  I learned a LOT of things living a year in a pandemic, and if you haven’t read what I learned yet, you can read my post about 10 Things I Learned From a Year in a Pandemic.  What I learned most is that I need some healing in a LOT of areas of my life.  My physical body needs healing.  My emotions need healing.  My spirit needs healing.  And my social life needs some healing too!  This quarantine business has CRUSHED the social scene, lol!

Healing physically for me means exercising and changing my eating habits.  I really hate sweating, and where there’s exercise, there’s sweat. Ugh.  Regardless of how I feel about sweating, that beautiful new treadmill over in the corner absolutely HAS to become my bestie this year.  My stamina is low, my BMI is high, and I’m tired and sluggish all the time. I’m not going to go crazy and run a marathon this year (although, kudos to all you athletes out there who run yourselves to death, ha!) but I WILL make an effort to walk every weekday and get some serious miles in.  Apparently there’s a 1000 mile walking challenge though that sounds maybe do-able; anyone want to join me in that?!?

my 2021 word of the year Healing

Healing emotionally has meant medication for me.  When I was in college, I suffered from depression from lack of sleep and high stress, and this year in a pandemic has knocked me right back into that high-stress sleepless situation.  Trying to figure out school distance learning, working from home, and having my wildly extroverted family surrounding me all day long every day with no breaks has been a severe emotional drain on me this year.  A few months ago I started depression medication to mitigate the sadness and mood swings I was having, and life has been SO MUCH BETTER.  There are also some forgiveness and trauma situations that came to light from the pressing of 2020 that will need healing in the year to come.

My spirit needs healing too.  I miss corporate worship where the room is filled with harmonies and the flowing Presence of the Holy Spirit.  I miss seeing church friends and family every week.  I miss the routine of Sunday morning service and weekly small group gatherings in my home.  I miss the ability to study and read and worship without the distraction of kids’ needs interrupting every 10 minutes to do something for them.  My spirit is weary, and I need to refocus and rediscipline my time and routines to better incorporate worship into my days so that I can heal.

Socially, I’m an introvert who loves to be home, loves to be alone, and enjoys spending time in my head.  I need quiet alone time to recharge, and by the end of the day I’m totally out of words and emotional capacity to give anyone anything of myself.  However, as the months have dragged on without hugs from friends or visits from family, I’m noticing a crankiness, a fussiness, a longing to be with people again.  I need REAL people, not zoom squares, in order to truly heal my social longing deep inside my soul.

2020 was a good year and a hard year in so many ways, and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2021 will bring.  I’m thankful for my Word of the Year and excited to see the healing and growth and maturity I’ll have gone through by next December. 

As I’ve thought about all the things I learned in 2020, and my word of the year for 2021, I’m choosing to focus on my physical and emotional needs first. I’ll be focusing on nutrition and my longing for beauty and nature all around me this year as I journey towards healing. You can find out what that’ll look like by checking out What Does Gardening Have to To Do With Holistic Living?

I hope 2021 brings you healing too!

All the best,


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