How to Create Easy Holiday Traditions

Do you have holiday traditions you do every year?  We have a ton of holiday traditions we love, and these traditions totally make the season fun and meaningful every year.  We keep things simple and easy, and when we follow our 6 basic holiday principles, it’s easy to create holiday traditions that everyone can enjoy.  

We have six fun principles we follow every year that make our holiday traditions things we look forward to, rather than something we dread.  To help you decide the easy holiday traditions you’d like to incorporate for your family’s holiday season, I’ve created a 16-page guide to making your own easy holiday traditions.  You can download it for FREE by filling out the form below, and keep reading to hear all about our 6 holiday principles.

Holiday Principle #1: Make it yummy! 

Let’s be honest.  The winter holiday season is all about the FOOD!  Yummy, delicious food is what marks the winter holiday season for a lot of us, and we’re all allowed a bit more indulgence than we would normally take because it’s a season of celebration.  Enjoying rare and seasonal foods during the holiday season make life a little more sweet and fun, and good food makes every holiday merry.

Holiday Principle #2: Make it glow!

Whether there’s a lot of décor or a little, if a room is glowing, then it’s magical!  We actually decorate almost every room in our house for fall and Christmas, and I make sure there are candles, twinkle lights, or a fire glowing in every room.  Candle fire and twinkling lights change the ambience from one of tasking and rushing to get things done to a feeling that it’s ok to slow down, to enjoy the cold, and to cuddle with family while enjoying a simple evening of conversation.  It’s one of my favorite things about winter.

Holiday Principle #3: Make it simple!

Holidays are a great time to craft with your family, but you don’t need a lot of detail to have fun crafting.  Usually something simple and pretty is the way to go, especially with younger kids.  Prepared craft sets can make life super easy, and choosing crafts with just one or two necessary tools help keep things simple.  If you’d like some easy ideas for crafting, you’ll find some in the Guide to Easy Holiday Traditions you can download by filling out the form above.

Holiday Principle #4: Make it fun! 

There are so many great winter holiday activities to take advantage of, whether you have snow-filled or snow-free days.  You’ll find a list of suggestions in the Easy Holiday Traditions guide that you can download using the form below, and be sure you chat about attitudes and expectations with your crew before you start your activities.   By setting expectations and attitudes beforehand, you’ll ensure everyone has a great time.

Holiday Principle #5: Make it about others!

The winter holiday season is a wonderful time to focus on serving others since there’s such a community focus on it during the cooler months.  The holiday season reminds us to serve others with our time and money, and multiple opportunities abound.  You can find a great list of opportunities in the free Easy Holiday Traditions guide that’ll help you focus on honoring others and helping those less fortunate than yourself.

Holiday Principle #6: Make it about Jesus!

As the saying goes, Jesus is the reason for the season, so prepare your heart and mind to celebrate the One who was born to change our lives.  A great way to do this is to celebrate Advent, or the thoughtful pondering of the Messiah who was born to die for our sins.  Several ways of celebrating Advent are included in the Easy Holiday Traditions guide you can download below.

Do you enjoy holiday traditions, or do they overwhelm you?  Do you celebrate any traditions that reflect these holiday principles?  I’d love to hear what you do to celebrate.  Drop me a comment below and let me know!

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