How To Buy A Thoughtful Gift

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The holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to buy gifts!  But, what do you buy?  What will they like? What do they need? Are they wanting something in particular? How do you avoid being the friend who gives junk that will go directly to File 13 (the trash can!) and instead give a gift that is thoughtful and perfect for the recipient?  I’ll tell you how!

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Buying a Gift Formula

I use a simple formula when I need to buy someone a gift to make sure it’ll be something they love and treasure for a long time. If you ask yourself three questions, and then brainstorm for just a little bit, you can create your own list of perfect gifts too! I’ve made a FREE Thoughtful Gift Worksheet to help you organize your brainstorming lists. Just fill out the form below to download your FREE copy.

Question 1: Who are you buying for?

Think about the person you’re going to buy the gift for.  What kind of a person are they?  What is their personality like?  Are they an introvert or an extrovert?  Are they laidback or energetic?  Are they peaceful or excitable?  Write down 5 adjectives to describe the personality of the person you’re buying for.

Question 2: What does this person talk about?

Are they always talking about vacations they take, their kids, playing sports?  Are they talking about their pets or their crafting projects or their volunteering opportunities?  Write down 5 things this person talks about.

Question 3: What does this person do?

Do they work out? Do they hike? Do they watch sports? Do they teach kids? What does this person do for a living? Think about how this person spends their time, and make a list of 5 things this person does.

The Formula

Add the answers of Question 1 + Question 2 + Question 3 together. You should have a good list made of who this person is, what they like, and what they do.

Now, write down a list of 10 gift ideas related to the list you made from the three questions. If the person is outgoing and loves cooking, maybe they’d love tickets to a cooking lesson. If they are introverted and love reading, maybe they’d love an online magazine subcription. If they talk about their pet a lot, you could write down pet collar, pet bed, pet costume, etc.  If they talk about traveling, you could write down travel journal, camera, fanny pack, etc.  Make sure you have at least 10 gift ideas written down so you have lots of options when you go shopping.

Finally, start shopping for items off your gift list. When you find an item, think about the person’s personality to help you decide which item would be the perfect gift for them.  Using the travel topic as an example, and say the person is friendly, you could choose to get them a camera because they won’t mind asking strangers to take pictures.  If the person likes to travel but they are introverted or shy, a travel journal would be a better choice because “Stranger Danger” y’all! They aren’t going to want to talk to strangers but would probably love to process and journal their travels instead. 

When you combine a person’s personality with the things they love the most (what they talk about) and what they do (how they spend their time) then your gift will come across as thoughtful, intentional, and purposeful. The receiver will be honored that you took the time to get something they’d love, and you’ll feel great that you were able to make him or her happy!  

Don’t forget – I’ve made a fun brainstorming worksheet you can use for all the people you need to get gifts for. Just fill out the form to download your copy, and who knows – maybe you’ll be announced Best Gift-Giver this year!

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