How to Finally Ditch Kitchen Chores … For Good!

My kitchen hates me. 

No matter what I do, it magically grows nasty smelly milk cups, sticky syrup plates, piles of left-over plate crumbs, and gooey messy blobs of bread goo that only half dissolve when they’re dumped into the sink, leaving you with disgusting mush to either mash up in a napkin and throw away or somehow wash down the sink and hope it completely dissolves.  Even with my attempts at doing dishes every night, by the next day at lunchtime, the mess would just grow back and overflow out of the kitchen sink onto every kitchen countertop, just laughing at my attempts to keep a clean kitchen. 

Can you relate? 

My kitchen was my nemesis.  I used to hate it as much as it hated me.  But then I decided to ditch my kitchen chores, and life has been awesome.  Calm.  Peaceful.  So much less anger and frustration and avoidance of this daily chore that drove me nuts.

So what did I do?

I gave them to my kids *smirk*!  Yep.  I totally delegated almost 100% of my kitchen chores to my kiddos. I was tired of cleaning up all the mess on my own and decided it was time to ditch the dreaded disgusting dishes so I passed them off to my kids.  And this is how I did it!

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How I ditched my kitchen chores

Decide What to Delegate

First, I figured out what kitchen chores I wanted to delegate and then figured out what kids could do the chores.  We have a 6, an 8, a 10 and a 15 yo child at home, so my kids can do just about all of the kitchen chores.  Obviously, the 15 yo can do much more than the 6 yo can so I kept that in mind.

Get the Family On Board

Next, I had a family discussion with everyone to share how frustrated I was with the kitchen situation.  I talked about how everyone was a part of the family, so everyone needed to start helping.  I also reminded the kids that when they grow up and leave the house they will need to know how to do the kitchen chores for themselves so this would provide a great learning experience for them in addition to helping me be less frustrated with the kitchen situation.  They weren’t very excited about the prospect, but I sure was!

Make Assignments

I made a list of the kitchen chores and then assigned each child and my husband and I each a kitchen chore task.  I included my husband and me in the distribution because we’re also part of the family, and we were making these kitchen chores a family affair so we couldn’t completely be left out of the responsibility.

Switch It Up

A huge reason I hated the kitchen chores was because I was doing all of them every single day.  I never got a break from doing the parts that I hated like hand-washing the pots and pans.  I didn’t want my kids to feel that way, so we decided to rotate the chores around every week.  That gives everyone a chance to learn every part of the kitchen tasks, but it also gives everyone a break from doing the chore they like the least, including me!

Weekly Kitchen Chore Schedule

To help us stay on track, I designed a kitchen chore chart that we hang on the fridge.  It has a spot for each chore and a name for every day of the week.  I like to assign the chores a week at a time, and you can change up who does the chores every day if you want to. Just fill out the form below to download your own copy of the chore schedule.  

Be Disciplined

In order for this to work, you have to KEEP DOING IT!  It takes 21 days to establish a new routine, so you need to be sure to stick to the delegation process for AT LEAST 21 days to get everyone on board.  Even though you’re rotating the tasks every week, stick to the same time of the day to get the kitchen chores done.  This will help solidify the chore time, keep everyone on the same page, and be sure to get the new routine set so it can help your family.

Enjoy Not Doing Dishes

Finally, just enjoy not having to do all the kitchen chores!  For me, it was wonderful to have a break from doing something I dreaded every night, and by the time it was my turn to jump back into the rotation, I was ok with it.  I’d had my break and I was ready to do my part in helping the family function well. 

Now I no longer dread the piles of messy plates, the sticky silverware and the stinky milk cups.  Kitchen chores are never going to be my favorite chore, but I definitely am not frustrated with having to clean the kitchen everyday.

How do you feel about doing kitchen chores?  Is the kitchen your nemesis too, or do you love washing dirty dishes?  Would delegating the kitchen chores help your family too?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Drop a comment below and let me know if you’d like to ditch your kitchen chores too!

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