A 3-Step After School Routine to Stay Safe in a Pandemic

Anyone nervous about sending their kids back to school in a pandemic?  I sure am!  Schools are germ-infested places and kids are really great at sharing germs!  So how are we going to keep our family safe in the middle of a pandemic?

Surprise – we’re implementing a routine!  We’ve got a great plan to add to the school administration’s suggestions of hand washing and wearing masks.  This plan helped us stay healthy back in February and March when the Coronavirus was ramping up and schools hadn’t closed yet.  Our kiddo with weak lungs never caught the virus, and our grandparents who keep the kids after school didn’t catch it either. 

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The 3-Step After School Routine We’re Using

Our routine is pretty simple and mimics the protocols that medical health professionals have implemented when leaving hospitals and clinics.  Medical professionals know how to protect themselves from all sorts of bacterias, viruses and diseases, so we’ve taken notes from the professionals and are copying them to keep our family safe.

What Does Our Routine Look Like?

Step 1 – Leaving shoes and backpacks at the door

As soon as the kids get home, they’re dropping their backpacks at the door and taking off their shoes, and then we’re either spraying them down with Lysol spray or wiping them down with alcohol wipes.  Since the Coronavirus is a virus and not a bacteria, you don’t need antibacterial wipes to kill it.  You just need some isopropyl alcohol (60% or higher) and a paper towel, or you can buy simple cleaning wipes to kill it.  Here are some wipes we’ve used with good results.

Step 2 – Sanitizing Hands

After the kids drop their backpacks and shoes, we’re sanitizing hands.  We either use the same cleaning wipes we used for the backpacks and shoes to scrub our hands, or they are using the hand sanitizer they’ve got attached to their backpacks to clean their hands. 

Step 3 – Changing Clothes

Once hands are clean, the kids are stripping!  Everything they wore to school is coming off, and they’re changing into a new set of clean clothes that are waiting for them at the door.  The school clothes go immediately into the washing machine to be washed and dried, and hands get cleaned again after the clothes are dropped into the washing machine.

So that’s our after-school routine to stay safe with COVID-19.  It’s a simple, easy routine we can do every day to reduce the possibility of our family getting sick this year.  Since the routine is based on the behaviors of medical professionals and because it’s worked for us previously, we’re hopeful that it can work for school again. 

Is there anything your family is doing to stay safe when your kids go back to school?  I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions for anything else we could add to our routine to make it better.  Drop a comment below to share your ideas!

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